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Used in ancient Asian palaces over 3,000 years ago – carpet has been around for very long time. And if time is really the true measure – then it seems carpet has surely passed the test. Carpeting has undergone vast changes in its multi-millennial history. From being woven by the fingers of hundreds of expert weaves over a period of days and even weeks, many are wound together by machines in a matter of hours today. The materials used have also changed greatly. Materials like silk and wool used to be the norm in rug production, but now it is synthetic materials such as polypropylene and polyester that are the norm. Although these changes at first glance may seem to be for the worse, they really are not. For, it is these very changes that have made carpeting available to the general public and not just the royals, oligarchs, and moneyed. The fancier types of carpeting mentioned above still exist for those with the capital, but with so many other quality alternatives it is no wonder many people now choose carpeting as their flooring type.

Carpeting offers something that most other floor types do not. It offers the softest option. Even the giving wood or laminate flooring cannot compare. If you are looking to take your shoes off at the door and walk around your home barefoot, most will agree there’s nothing quite like carpet. It is great for young children because of its “forgiving” surface, and pets really appreciate it as well because they enjoy the extra cushioning it provides during nap time. Though perhaps there are types of carpeting which are not environmentally-friendly, the industry has embraced the green revolution and offers many alternatives. If a consumer is so inclined, purchasing carpeting composed of recycled fibers and that does not employ toxic compounds in its creation or installation is easy to find. Such eco-goods may tend to cost a bit more, but this is no different than any other green flooring alternative.

If you are worried about your children spilling their apple juice all over your carpeting, they make moisture-resistant types of carpet. Or, if you are worried about your carpet going up in flames if a candle were to tip over, they make fire-resistant carpeting as well. The point is – any issue one may have with carpet (e.g., environment, absorption, flammability) has already been confronted by the carpeting industry. So all you have to do is look to find the best carpeting for you. This is not particularly the case with hardwood, vinyl, or tile flooring, which have inherent disadvantages that cannot be addressed (e.g., hardwood will always in some ways be harmful to the environment, etc.)

As far as style is concerned, carpeting comes in basically any design conceivable. Whether you desire a solid color or a rendering of leopard skin, carpets are available to suit your imagination. Therefore, carpeting can match virtually any home or office motif. Is your business’ office Southwestern-themed? You can purchase a rug with cacti on it. Is your home an Australian motif? You can obtain carpeting with kangaroos printed on it. Are you steadfastly patriotic? You can have your nation’s flag embroidered into your carpeting. Are you looking for purple shag carpeting for your retro-style apartment? It’s yours. The sky is the limit folks.

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